Continuous bar screen fine screen

is a machine automatic and self cleaning that offers the best solution to obtain a large amount of solid separation and screened material present in the wastewater; greatly reducing the separation time in pre-treatment.
Extremely simple and adaptable and customized, has been designed by EVOTECH technical dpt to greater customization in size and filtration.

It's easy to install indoors, also in existing deep canals, these advantages have led to a strong increase use in many industries.

The construction material is Stainless Steel AISI 304L or AISI 316L

Structure consists by sturdy frame that allows stability in small and large sizes, in height and width too, the stainless steel cover is worked by laser cutting technology that allows us to obtain a high precision and a perfect assembly.
Optimum inclination varies from 65° to 85°.
Filter belt, self cleaning is performed by washers nozzles pressure inserted in the top and by special rotating brushes systems that allow you to have a clean tape at each step, it's automatic and doesn’t require special attention by the operators.

All necessary components to machine operation aren’t in contact with water and it’s easy to reach, the maintenance is reduced and low cost.

Main applications of Continuous belt screen or bar screen:
Wastewater treatment plants: system for different processes solids separation from water, liquid or sludge industrial civil and municipal.
Chemical industries: recycling plastics, paints, solvents, etc ...
Bevarage Industries: in general
Textile Industries: tanneries, laundry 
Food Industries: fruits, vegetables, fish and meat processing.



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