Penstocks and Sluice Gates

Evotech manufacturing penstocks, weir, and stop logs.

Penstocks re mostly used to block and control the water flow, and water level in rivers, channels, intake structures and water reclamation, but they are widely used also in WWT Plant, where treatment and cleaning of water are proceed.

All the EVOTECH products are made by stainless steel AISI304 and/or AISI316, with special care at the choice of the raw material, as much as at the surface finishing quality. EVOTECH produces penstocks both on catalogue and on customer request with internal project, and even for big dimensions and high hydraulic load. Every product is designed and dimensioned with attention.

All the penstocks are in accordance with DIN 19569 / BS 7775 / EN12266

Penstocks / Sluice Gate

The penstocks are installed in channels or above a pipes in order to intercept the water flow. The closed position is achieved when the slide reach the lower position. The opening is obtained lifting up the slide from the lower position. The flowing area is delimitated by the lower side of the slide and the bottom of the pipe or of the channel.

The most common constructive solutions can be the insertion across a channel, or plugged on a wall, usually this last solution is suitable for pressure water flow. The frame can be as a gate, or with independent operating column, they can be manually activated or by an electrical actuator. In order to limit the torque required for the open/close operations, a geared reducer can be applied.

Stop log

In case of reduced dimensions and sporadic opening or other situation when the use of mechanical actuator isn’t necessary, stop log gates are commonly installed thanks to their lower costs. Stop log gates work on the same way of a sluice gate, but they don’t allow to set the slice in intermediate position. To open the gate the slide is manually removed from the guides.


Weirs are applied on channels or pools, where it is necessary to draw off a certain flow rate from the surface. In the close position the slide is in the upper end: in this position its upper side is over the upstream water level, avoiding the water  flow.
The opening is obtained lowering the slide from the closing position, moving the upper side of the slide under the water level. Because of this type of motion the guides extend under the channel, to contain the slide in the open position, so an adequate space must be provided.

Telescopic Valves.

Telescopic valves are an important regulation system to control the water level. Setting the upper side of the moving pipe, they allow to define the level over which the valve works as weir, defining the water level, and the water pressure.

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