Clapet not return valves

The Flap Gate valves with “clapet” prevent system for return back flows is furnished for various applications: wells or similar concrete manufactured articles to vertical wall, for installation on embankment of channels of drainage or in extremity of the pipelines.

The particular geometry allows an immediate opening of the valve with a minimum flow awry of the valve and a closing in phase of return back flow. The construction is completely in AISI 304 stainless steel with gasket in rubber NBR, AISI 316 stainless steel on application is available.

The fixing to wall is possible with screws followed by a stucco work along the whole perimeter.

Standard Light series clapet

The standard dimensions of the light series valves for application on vertical wall are indicated in the chart , others solutions are possible on demands.

Heavy duty series calpet

In case of high hydraulic load, big dimensions or heavy duty application in specific environment, that the light series cannot afford, the use of reinforced clapets should be taken into account, these not return valves have self-supporting frame, reinforced gate, adjustable counterweights, and interchangeable seal. We produce them most on customer request, although most of the dimensions are standardized.

design Clapet non return valve
Technical data Clapet non return valve