Bar screen coarse filtration

A heavy-duty vertical bar screen EVOTECH is particularly suitable for a coarse solids separation in municipal and industrial waste water pre-treatment, it is installed within a channel and secured to the side.

Filter surface has a variable spacing from 15 to 40 mm.
The larger Solids than spacing are collected by automatic rakes, lifted and discharged. Raks has a double function, the first to hold the debris, the second to keep clean the filtration bars.

The rakes or combs are assemblated on suitable supports in steel and fixed directly to a stainless steel bar.

On the discharge there is a scraper that unload the debris and clean the combs or rakes.
A gearmotor drives the chain to the rotational movement of the rakes.
The construction material can be AISI 304L, AISI 316L or Hot Galvanized Steel.

MAIN APPLICATIONS:  Bar screen coarse filtration

Wastewater: treatment system for different processes solids separation from wate, liquid or sludge industrial civil  and municipal.
Chemical industries: plastics, paints, solvents, etc ...
Bevarage Industries: in general
Textile Industries: tanneries
Food Industries: fruits, vegetables, fish and meat processing.


drawing bar screen croase
technical data bar screen