Screw Conveyor / Elevator / Auger

Screw conveyor is a universal screw conveyor system, often companies need to convey the debris from plants to other to discharge, elevator, dose and mix.

Evotech is able to customized each auger according to the transport or convey needs.

There are many areas that need this type of transport: pharmaceutical, food, zootechinc, waste disposal, water treatment and more; for this reason there is not a standard conveyor, however we have designed a simple screw conveyor but extremely effective and customizable.

The dimensions are variable, the construction material is stainless steel AISI 304L or 316L; the spiral is made by painted steel or special carbon steel according to the requirements and is placed in various profiles, tubular, open U or closed by covers with the dustproof function, no smell and facilitate cleaning.

When your transport sticky or solid material it is constructed without the inner shaft connected to the engine.

Customization can be equipped with the hoppers or mouths for loading and unloading even multiple, also it is equipped with anchoring fixed feet but adjustable in height, or placed on a trolley for the movement inside the plants.

MAIN APPLICATIONS: Screw elevator - vertical - screw conveyor
Wastewater: treatment system for different processes solids separation from water, liquid or sludge industrial civil  and municipal.
Chemical industries: plastics, paints, solvents, etc...
Bevarage Industries: in general.
Textile Industries: tanneries.
Food Industries: fruits, vegetables, fish and meat processing.

screw - auger for transport material

Disegno Trasportatore a coclea con e senza albero.png
Trasportatore a coclea con e senza albero dati tecnici.png
Disegni Trasportatore a coclea senza albero dati.png
Trasportatore a coclea senza albero dati tecnici.png