Septage Receiving Station wwtp

When no construction works are possible, installation of these Septage Receiving Station unit is the best and often the only solution for wastewater pretreatment. They offer great advantages: fully customizable according to individual pretreatment needs or space.
On a concrete base is placed a pyramidal base of settling tank to allow sands decantation, is provided of suitable inlet and outlet openings of pre-treatment liquid.
We can insert various systems:
Screw Screen: fine or corse screen

Screw Conveyor: transport and compaction fabled sands

Rotary drum screen filter

Reception and treatment facilities spoils

Extraction oil and degrease systems,manual or automatic
The combination of two or more pre-treatment systems allow these machines to be considered multifunction par excellence, it has a low cost of maintenance and are closed by covers to avoid the leakage of nauseating odor. The building material is AISI 304L or 316L.

Equipment of wastewater treatment