Grit - Sand Separator and washer Coandă

To take advantage of Coandă effect, this classifier is able to pre-treat the water with a washing system and sands separation.
The liquids to be treated are entered in a form prepared on top inlet mouth of a circular hopper with a conical bottom, inside this cone container a motorized stirrer is inserted which, rotating, triggers coanda effects and it allows sands to separate from organic material and settle at the bottom, where a spiral auger transports them outside to dewater and compact.

It is also equipped with a second sands washing system at the beginning of the conveyor phase in screw, the liquid washed from the sand goes in a special discharge pipe inserted in the wall of the cone high.
The conical washer is completely closed and sealed to limit the escape of smells, is built in stainless steel AISI 304L or 316L. It is a pre-treatment machine with low-maintenance.
Main Application washing system Coandă:
Wastewater: treatment system for different processes solids separation from water, liquid or sludge industrial civil  and municipal. Indispensable for depuration of municipal and industrial plants
Chemical industries: paper, plastics in general.
Beverage Industries: in general.
Food Industries: fruits, vegetables, fish and meat processing.

Automatic sand separator and washing