Screw / Auger Compactor

To dewatering and compacting requirements, Evotech proposes a screw made by stainless steel AISI 304L or 316L, provided with input hopper where the debris are drained,reduced by over 60%, pressed and conveyed by a spiral auger which can be with or without inner shaft, until at waste container where you can place a special collection bag; the ideal inclination varies from 5° to about 30°.
The conveyor structure is in canal/U and is completely closed to prevent spillage of nauseating smells.

According to the individual needs to compact auger or screw compactor is customizable with anchor foot, hoppers or inlets, bags for debris collection or pneumatic systems to increase the compaction.

Main Applications  Screw / Auger Compactor
Wastewater: treatment system for different processes solids separation from water, liquid or sludge industrial civil  and municipal.
Bevarage Industries: distillery, wine cellar, brewery, etc…
Textile Industries: tanneries.

wastewater treatment equipment

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