Washing dewatering and compacting screw

To meet washing and compacting needs by the separated material, Evotech has designed a simple and robust machine with high efficiency, low maintenance costs and reduced size.

All dimensions are customizable, the construction material can be AISI 304L or 316L.

The screw is equipped with a sturdy shaft to carry debris into a washing zone and compaction favored by a tube having a particular shape in "Nessie" to facilitate the compaction and dewater with reduction up to 70-80%. In this process is possible remove the organic material residue, the drained fluid is discharged through a tube inserted into the machine.

The outlet of the exhaust discharge material is connected to a container/bin or a special bag to multiple extraction which avoids the smells leakage, direct contact with the operators and its removal/replacement is quick and easy.
MAIN APPLICATIONS: Screw for washing and compacting 
Wastewater: treatment system for different processes solids separation from water, liquid or sludge industrial civil  and municipal.

Screw compacting press

Cocla trasporto per lavaggio e compattazione.png